Hiking with Pepper

Help Me Fight Sex Trafficking

Seeing my daughter blossom, her personality grow — her understanding of the world around her expand — fills me with so much hope and passion for the furniture.

It also fills me with immense sadness for those who lack that freedom. For the women and children who are considered property. Which is why I’m hiking with Rescue:Freedom in an effort to raise funds and awareness for an amazing non-profit on a mission to end slavery.

making coffee

Love in a Cup

In the four years we dated and five years we’ve now been married, we’ve never spent this much time together — until now.

I used to tell people we got along better the more we were apart.

Back then, it was probably true. We both needed our space to grow, pursue — push. Time apart gave us the freedom to do that, to push and push and push throughout the day and then crash back together. Minds tired. Bodies exhausted. Souls ready to decompress.

tummy time

Raising a Baby with a Rottweiler

Around here, big is just the way we do things. Garrett and I are big people, with a big baby and a big dog.

A really big dog in fact. A 111-pound Rottweiler with a head that comes up to my waist and a mouth that devours cookies like they never existed. While his bark is loud and his frequent talking can scare most people, Zeus would like nothing more to cuddle. Or play fetch. Or chase our remote control car. In short, we couldn’t have asked for a better family pet.