Gifts to Make a New Mom Feel Loved

You grow this baby and the entire time people open doors, carry bags, and insist you cut to the front of the bathroom line. Then you pop the sucker out and suddenly everyone’s focused on those 10 tiny toes and perfect little nose. These gifts are for you.
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New Mom Gifts

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You grow this baby and the entire time people open doors, carry bags, and insist you cut to the front of the bathroom line. Then you pop the sucker out and suddenly everyone’s focused on those 10 tiny toes and perfect little nose.

Your house turns into a minefield of baby play gyms and burp cloths. People roll their eyes when they see you walk in with a loaded car seat. And all the while, you’re just re-hiking your maternity pants.

The phenomenon of celebrating the baby and forgetting the mamma didn’t really hit home until after my own birth when some seasoned moms sent me gifts just for me. They made me feel made me feel seen. Appreciated. Loved.

Sure, we desperately needed all sorts of things like diapers, onesies, and our DockATot. (Seriously, the DockATot was like gold for us.) But what ‘I’ needed was to be reminded I was more than a diaper changing milk machine. And I’m so blessed to have a tribe who helped me do just that.

As it turns out, I’m not alone. When I talked to other moms, they felt the same way. Being recognized personally was incredibly uplifting.

The following list is shared in no particular order. It’s comprised of gifts other new moms and I received that we loved. Some gifts are more expensive than others. Others require nothing more than time. And, there are those gifts which new moms have given themselves. But, each one means the world.

8 Gifts Perfect for New Moms

1. AirPods

There’s a shocking amount of time spent talking to yourself when you’re raising a baby. Audiobooks and podcasts can offer some much-needed adult stimulation. The only problem is, you don’t always want to blast the stories when you’re getting your babe to sleep. AirPods offer the perfect solution.

They don’t have pesky wires that little hands want to grab. They’re easy to use. And you can easily just wear one, so that your other ear can be engaged and listening to your baby.

Needless to say, for me, these were a game-changer.

2. Plush Bathrobe

Finding time to shower can be tough. Finding time to shower and get dressed? Well, that’s even more difficult.

A warm bathrobe is another cozy addition to the mommy wardrobe that feels like a must. It’s the perfect solution for jumping out of the warm water and right into mom mode. LOVE the one my mom got me from L.L. Bean. I’m also seriously digging this supper plush one from Amazon!

3. A Gift Card for Something Pretty

There’s nothing like growing a human to make you feel like your body is no longer your own — especially after said human has left the belly. In so many ways this can wreak havoc on a new mom, not the least of which by making her feel unattractive and unwilling to leave the house.

Flowy, loose clothes or a gift card for online shopping for mom to find some comfortable, nursing friendly new clothes to spruce up her day. — Julie F.

4. Support

I heard this echoed from so many moms and I have to say, ‘Me too. Me too!!’ Whether it was visiting, texting or calling — support means the world.

Having people in your corner mentally and physically gives new moms untold amounts of strength. Even when moms don’t have time to respond or pick up the phone or fall asleep when you visit, just being there is what matters.

Okay this is going to sound cheesy, but for me the best mom gifts have been friends and family checking in on me either in person or via phone. — Zarah M.

5. Meals

There are only so many hours in the day. And juggling a baby takes a lot of time and energy. It’s not uncommon for a new mom to be faced with the choice between cooking and sleep. (I can tell you from personal experience, sleep wins 9 times out of 10.)

Taking meals to new parents, especially ones that they can pop in the freezer for later, is huge! That saved time even means that ‘mom’ might be lucky enough to sit down at the table, sans baby, and eat with a fork. In those early days, it really is the small luxurious that make all the difference.

I have a ton of family out of town. So instead of coming for my baby shower, they all came after baby was born and we spent a day prepping meals. (Like 20!) They vacuum sealed them, so all I had to do was thaw and throw in a crock pot. Lifesaver 100%! — Jamie H.

6. Pampering Essentials

Gift card for a massage or pedicure. Dry shampoo. (I really love this one by Nexxus!) Essential oils. Hydrating face spray. Pretty much anything that gives mom a chance to relax or makes taking care of herself easier.

Here’s a weird one – BB cream!!! A moisturizer, sunscreen, foundation and skin treatment all in one!! Look great in two steps, BB cream, mascara, and done! — Jenni Hands-Free Pumping Bra

7. Cozy Flannel and Matching Onesie

New moms need lots of hugs and cuddles. At least, this new mom does. (Just ask my husband who is the hugging, cuddling champ.) Wrapping up in something warm and cozy is a close second place — especially if that something cozy if cute and matches your mini-me.

8. Hands-Free Pumping Bra

Few things make you feel more like a cow then spending all your precious free time trying holding tiny bottles to your nipples. A hands-free pumping bra means you can read. Or eat. Or anything that takes hands. It’s lovely.

Being an exclusive pumper, the thing that made my life so much easier was a hands-free pumping bra. I tried so many different brands and types, but I found that none really fit *my* boobs. I’d inevitably get rubbing, which hurt my nipples and affected my milk supply. So I found this website about DIY pumping bras:

And, made my own DIY pumping bra. I got a zip-up bra from Walmart for like $10 and it ended up being the best thing ever. I’m still using it! I wish I didn’t spend so much money on trying all those other pumping bras. It was a life savor for me!! — Jenny L.

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