How to Buy Winter Clothes For Kids (from a mom who’s doing it)

Staying sane as a mom is H.A.R.D. For me, it’s made especially hard when the two of us are cooped up inside all day. While I’ve definitely found some fun indoor activities (like MOHAI), my favorite thing to do with my toddler is exploring the outdoors.

In many respects, outdoor adventures are easier to pull off during the warmer months. Why? Because dressing kids for cold weather can feel overwhelming and intimidating. (I’m speaking from personal experience!)

While I had every intention to be a well-equipped 4-season outdoor momma, it wasn’t until my daughter went to outdoor preschool that I really started feeling like I had things under control.

The following outdoor winter kids gear and budget-friendly shopping tips have been gleaned from recommendations made by Pepper’s school, personal experience, and recommendations from fellow mommas.

If you have any insights to share, please do!!