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The Woman Behind the Words

Mikaela and Baby Rozy

Welcome! I’m Mikaela

Hi! I’m Mikaela Judd (aka Mikaela Cowles). I’m word-loving, food-gobbling, book-reading gal. My husband, Garrett, and I are home based in the Seattle area. We are the proud parents of Penellope Marie (aka Pepper), Roslyn (aka Rozy), and two fur babies, Zeus and Ghost.

In 2011, I founded my boutique freelance writing business, Making Language Count. Which means people pay me to work with words. How awesome is that?!?!

Though I say y’all, white girl dance to cowboy music, and rock boots frequently, I’m a born and raised Seattleite. I love dancing in the rain, bouquets of fresh basil, and taking mid-day hikes with my babies. (Follow along on our hiking adventures in my Instagram stories!)

A former Division I basketball player, I earned my undergraduate degree and my MFA at St. Mary’s College of California (#GodisaGael). Today, I play the occasional pickup game with my husband and love to incorporate ballhandling skills into my daily workout routine.

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What is MikaelaJudd.com All About?

If you love eating all the things, doing all the things, and seeing all the things, you’ll fit right in. This is especially true if you’ve sometimes found yourself asking, “What now?”

Tailored for gals passionate about filling their life with joy, this blog focuses on things that light my heart (and hopefully yours) on fire. Whether you’re stepping into my kitchen, joining me on an adventure or laughing with me as I stumble through tackling a new goal, I can promise you one thing — I’ll always share my real and authentic perspective.

Together we’ll get to know inspirational individuals and explore practical advice for the everyday gal and mom — like makeup for the 30-something who knows nothing about makeup and how to juggle mom-life with fulfilling your dreams. You’ll find simple photography tips, ranging from lighting and camera angles to gear and selfie how-tos.

I’ll share delicious restaurant finds, fun getaway recommendations and fabulous, functional products. And of course, we’ll devour some of my favorite recipes.

Mikaela excited about coffee
Garrett and Mikaela Judd Smiling

Why MikaelaJudd.com Was Founded

Originally homebased at Baguette Taste — Wonder Bread Budget, I made the move to MikaelaJudd.com because I felt compelled to do more with my writing. I’m passionate about using the written word to help shape and inspire those around me. Nothing gets me more excited than learning that something I wrote encouraged someone.

But a food blog focused on an affordable cooking felt stifling. I spent a long time struggling with how to share the stories and messages I wanted while staying true to the blog’s ‘message.’ Ultimately, I realized that the message had changed and the space needed to as well.