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Help Me Fight Sex Trafficking

This post is about why I’m hiking with Rescue:Freedom in an effort to raise funds and awareness for an amazing non-profit on a mission to end sex trafficking. If you’re here for mommy content, food or travel — no worries. You can see several quick links in the menu above.

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Women talk about how becoming a mom changes you to your very core. I’ve been thinking a lot about that lately. And, I don’t think it’s true for me.

Becoming a mom didn’t change who I am. It made who I am deeper. It gave me the ability to let go of so many petty insecurities and gross assumptions.

And it also gave me a greater appreciation for freedom. Seeing my daughter blossom, her personality grow — her understanding of the world around her expand — fills me with so much hope and passion for the furniture.

At the same time, my heart aches for those who lack that freedom. For the women and children who are considered property.

Sex trafficking — forcing individuals to perform acts against their will — not a new thing. Our history is riddled with it. But imagine a world where it isn’t? I believe change is possible. I believe freedom is achievable. The choice is ours.

That’s why year I made the decision to support Rescue:Freedom — a non-profit that rescues women and children from sex trafficking — by donating all of my Amazon Associates proceeds.

While house hunting this year, I admitted to Garrett I wanted to do more. That, “some year I wanted to through-hike the Enchantments with Rescue:Freedom…”

And he said, “If not now, then when? Do it.”

So here I am, training to hike 19.25 miles with 5,500 feet of elevation gain — in 24 hours — to raise funds that will help liberate women and children from the sex trafficking trade.

And I humbly ask that you join me. Whether it’s words of encouragement or a donation — I’d love to have you with me while I train and hike for this great cause.

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How Can You Donate Without Spending an Extra Penny?

I’m SO glad you asked! I will be donating all of my Amazon Associates commissions to my Rescue:Freedom fund. Which means, you can help support Rescue:Freedom by making the same Amazon purchases you’re already making.

Here’s how it works…

  1. Click this link to access Amazon.
  2. Purchase anything you would normally buy. (It doesn’t have to be the product I’m linking to.)
  3. I will donate any commission I collect.

Does this interrupt any Amazon Smile contributions? NOPE! The same Amazon Smile contributions you would normally make will be given. I just receive a small commission on your purchase which I will then donate to Rescue:Freedom. It’s a win-win!

Why Rescue:Freedom?

There are a lot of non-profits you can support. And I completely understand if you have ones you’re passionate about. For me, these are three of the main reasons I believe in Rescue:Freedom:

1. They Are Fiscally Responsible

Until this year, 100% of the donations they received were used to fight sex trafficking and support those who are saved. That an amazing stat for a non-profit. 

What’s even more amazing is helping so many people that your organization can no longer be run by volunteers. While Rescue:Freedom now uses a small portion of their proceeds to keep highly qualified individuals on staff, they continue to be incredibly fiscally responsible. 

In 2020, just 4% of their funds went to administrative efforts!

2. Their motto: do what you love to fight what you hate. 

They really encourage people to find ways to turn their love for something (hiking, baking, art, etc.) into a way to raise funds and/or spread awareness.

I think that’s such a powerful way to make this mission all-inclusive while also not saying,“ The ONLY way to support us is through financial contributions.” Though…finances do ultimately make their work possible.

3. They don’t just stop at getting people out. 

They’ve developed systems to help those they’ve rescued become self-reliant. Education. Job training. Counseling. Transitional housing. Etc.

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