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That amazing, sun-kissed hike you see on the cover of this issue? Well, it’s not where I am right this second. But boy, do I wish it were.

I spend the vast majority of my days in front of a computer — confined by the length of my power cord. But I crave the chance to get out and explore whenever time allows. I love being on a trail, trekking up mountains, through valleys, and along coastlines.

The hike on the cover is actually reminiscent of one I took earlier this year to Lake Serene, and it seemed like the perfect topper for an issue that’s all about adventure. This is a topic that’s near and dear to my heart, especially because it’s one I have become passionate about later in my life — a reality I explore in my feature piece, “When the Mountains Call.”

What I particularly enjoy about this issue’s articles is that they dive deep into embracing a place, like Lisette Wolter-McKinley did in her article, “Finding the Extraordinary.” She shares openly about how the western side of Vancouver Island had been a bit of a letdown when she and her husband honeymooned there years ago. (She’d dreamed of a tropical getaway.) But that upon their return, she discovered a new sense of appreciation for the destination’s relaxing beauty. I love the sense of reflection she instills, and I plan to carry it with me during my own adventures this fall and winter.

Because whether I’m taking a bucket list worthy tugboat fishing trip in Alaska or getting lost in Vancouver’s living maze, I want to take a moment and really savor my surroundings. In today’s modern age of cellphones, data plans, and laptops, we so often get caught up in shuffling from one meeting to the next that we forget to slow down.

That slowing down is one of the things I love most about seaplane travel. It forces you to wait. To pause. Because you’re not in control of arrival and departure times. In reality, the pilots aren’t really either. Mother Nature often has a thing or two to say about flight times.

If you’re looking for a unique way to spend a slow travel moment, consider a visit to Material Wit on Orcas Island. Owned and operated by Orcas Island jewelry artist, Jessie Morrow, the shop offers a healthy dose of functional beauty, with a pleasantly refreshing side of fun. It’s everything you’d want in an island experience, right down to the craftswoman herself occasionally working away while you peruse her wares.

Or perhaps when you have a few extra minutes you’ll want to sample a few more pastries or take a pre-flight walk with your fur baby. Really, it’s hard to go wrong — as long as you let yourself be fully present in the moment and savor the adventure at hand.

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