Chelsea Farmer, 6 Star Diamond Beachbody Coach

Chelsea Farmer

Chelsea Farmer and I met in college — back when we were student-athletes juggling class and practice and the craziness of becoming ‘adults.’ She played softball. I played basketball. And though our travel schedules and season schedules hardly matched, we shared the occasional weary-eyed moment in the weight room.

Life was different back then. It was structured, in a crazy and hectic way. We both had coaches and trainers holding us to strict 30+ hour workout, training room and weight room schedules.

Fast forward to the business of living. As ex-athletes, we both struggled to navigate what working out for life looks like and means.

And while it’d be a stretch to say I’ve got it all figured out — Chelsea’s got the thing on lock. Hot damn if this woman isn’t an inspiration. As a Beachbody coach, her raw honesty and commitment to bettering not just her life — but the life of others — is absolutely amazing.

Because it had been far too long, we got together to catch up. I wanted to learn more about her journey and meet her two adorable toddler tornadoes — Max and Nolan.

Q&A with Chelsea Farmer

Mikaela: You haven’t always been a Beachbody coach. What were you doing previously?

Chelsea: After college, when I moved up here to the PNW to be with my now husband Ian, I started working for a small Corporate Event Planning company. I worked my way up over the course of seven years, eventually becoming an Event Director.

Mikaela: Why’d you make the shift out of event planning?

Chelsea: Honestly, it was incredibly hard to leave my corporate career, but Ian travels a ton and having two boys within 13 months of each other with no family help close…it was what was best for our family!

And the woman who owns the event planning company I worked for is incredible. After being home with the boys solely for 6 months, we were able to create a part-time remote position for me to ensure I was still filling my cup!  I’ve taken a step back after lots of life events this year, but they know they can always call me.

Mikaela: So how did you get started with Beachbody?

Chelsea: I actually started out as a customer. I had baby weight to lose and I knew I needed to figure out a healthy and sustainable lifestyle in order to keep up with my boys. And I also didn’t want to have a fat face in pics with my boys (real-talk)! After doing the at home workouts, following the sustainable meal-plan and being part of an online accountability group for just 3 weeks, I was completely HOOKED!

My coach presented the coaching opportunity to me four months in a row and I wouldn’t give her the time of day. “I’m not getting involved in a pyramid scheme, I’m not a salesperson, I couldn’t do what you do, I don’t have the time, I don’t want to be ‘that person’”…so forth and so on.

Mikaela: What changed? Why did you buy in?

Chelsea: After that fourth month, I realized I was doing my people a disservice by not giving them the same opportunity that I had been given. I fully believed in this life changing goodness and I was proof the products worked. I also had a mindset shift and realized I was in this for life, not for a number on the scale or to just rid the fat face.

I also wanted to ensure I never, ever reverted back to old habits or ways and I KNEW becoming a coach would be the key to maintaining my results (inside and out) and keeping myself accountable! I also finally gave my coach the time of day to educate me on the business opportunity (and I learned pyramid schemes are illegal, MLM’s are amazing)!

Coaching has completely changed my life. It’s not only pushed me to be the strongest I’ve ever been physically, but also mentally! Too often times as women, we’re quick to let ourselves down or break promises to ourselves, but that doesn’t happen anymore…because of my community of like-minded women who share in my same daily struggles, who cheer me on not only my best days, but when I also need some help adding some pep to my step! I’ve been coaching for 2 years now and it truly scares me to think about what life would look like without it!

Mikaela: Tell me about your team? It seems like a pretty unique group of women. 

Chelsea: Def. one of a kind! The community we’ve established is unlike most you’ll experience in the online world. We really live out the whole teamwork to make the dreamwork — whether you’re a customer (meaning you’re just working out for you) or you’re a coach (meaning you’re helping other women get themselves back on their priority list with Beachbody)…everyone is a part of the CLAP FOR YO’SELF Crew.

Our coach team runs our monthly accountability groups together. We share resources. We meet up outside of Beachbody. And we have fun. The energy is astounding. People really care about one another. When we talk about joining our team, it’s not just a line. It’s a real thing.

I seriously can’t imagine my life without these people. It’s been a very eventful 2019 and I credit all of my “you’re so strong” compliments to my Crew for pushing me to keep showing up!!!

(Chelsea’s team is called the “CLAP FOR YO’SELF Crew” and it’s an absolutely amazing group of energetic women.)

Mikaela: What’s been exciting or surprising about being a coach?

Chelsea: I was really nervous to be “that person” on social media. But what I’ve really come to understand is that if I use social media to be really true to myself — being authentic and relatable without worrying about being perfect — I can really inspire other women to experience the same joy.

And that’s huge because I truly want to make an impact. Yes, I make money doing this. I make no bones about that. But it’s also pretty incredible to help someone discover the importance of making themselves a priority and hearing the words “You’ve changed my life.” For me, it makes me a better mom and a better wife. I feel like what I’m doing is making a difference!

Mikaela: Tell me about the business side of things? What’s it look like to be a coach?

Chelsea: When you asked about what was surprising or exciting, that’s actually one of the really amazing things. I didn’t use social media to talk about the money or the business side of things for a long time. (I was so fearful for so long that people thought I was just in this to make money!) But when I did, I really saw a change in engagement.

Because it’s an amazing thing to help a woman or a man be able to contribute to their family by simply taking care of themselves and helping and inspiring others along the way! It makes me so proud and excited that I have women who have been able to cut back to part-time or leave their jobs altogether because of Beachbody.

And when it comes to being a coach, it’s not one size fits all…it’s really as much or as little as you want. There are no numbers that have to be met. In-fact, we have quite a few what we call “hobby coaches” on our team who simply offer the “join us” when the opportunity presents itself. Some don’t even have Facebook. But ultimately it just comes down to showing people how Beachbody and our community has changed your life and simply inviting them to join you. Def. not rocket science…heart work!

Mikaela: Do you have any final advice to someone who’s unsure about working out, Beachbody, coaching or otherwise?

Chelsea: Mindset is everything. Getting started and believing in yourself are truly the hardest parts! It’s not about perfection. It’s not about guilt. It’s not about working out 7 days a week or eating clean 100% of the time. It’s about putting forth effort, showing up for yourself on the daily and simply striving for progress, not perfection! While lots of women join us to lose weight and others have muscle to build/weight to gain, one common goal we all end up adding to the top of our goals list is training for life and our health!

Personal Note About Why I Signed Up for Beachbody

I started following Chelsea’s journey months before I ever joined Beachbody. I found her Instagram stories inspirational and was blown away by how she’s transformed her life. But, I didn’t have any interest in “being a coach.” Nor did I have a lot of interest in actually doing Beachbody.

I finally signed up because I was looking for a way to mix up my workout routine. Chelsea’s never pressured me to do more than I felt I wanted ­— workout-wise or coaching-wise. She’s simply encouraged me and still does.

While I’m 7 months pregnant and my workouts have changed, I still love seeing Chelsea’s stories and I’m pumped to incorporate some of the Beachbody workouts into my life post-baby. There are a ton of workouts available that can be scaled to your personal fitness level and that can be done anywhere. When I first started, I did several while I was traveling in my hotel room. It was that easy.

Follow Chelsea on Instagram for an inside look at this amazing coach!

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