Best Hiking Trail for Kids in Hobart, WA — Holder Creek Trail

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At the base of Taylor Mountain runs the Holder Creek Trail. A gentle 1.5-mile out-and-back path, it’s the best hiking trail for kids in Hobart, Washington. 

The Holder Creek Trail is part of an extensive network of trails at Taylor Mountain. Part of King County Parks, the site spans 1,822 acres.

While smaller and shorter than nearby Tiger Mountain (Taylor Mountain is just 1,100 feet at its peak as compared to Tiger’s 2,500), it tends to be less crowded. Used by equestrians, hikers, and mountain bikers, the trail system features a series of well-maintained gravel service roads that are crisscrossed by heavily canopied dirt trails.

All of the trails at Taylor Mountain include some elevation gain, except for the relatively flat Holder Creek Trail. It has roughly 100 feet of gain. 

Exploring the Holder Creek Trail

Let’s just get this out of the way. Technically, the Holder Creek trail is a 1.5-mile one-way trek that requires crossing the creek (which is could be dangerous for small children and will likely result in getting wet), plus making a 400-feet climb. The trail walk I’m recommending is only the initial portion of this trail, before the river crossing. 

From the Taylor Mountain Parking Lot

The trail begins at the parking lot, on the northern side. It makes a short dip down and quickly comes to a Y. Stay to the left to stay on the Holder Creek Trail. It meanders down to the river, offering a few easy access points to the water. 

The trail is also bordered by the road at this point. The sound of traffic is very evident, but fades as you cross over the wooden bridge and continue following the creek. 

The terrain is mostly dirt and rocks, making it great practice for young hikers learning to traverse uneven ground. Roughly .75-miles from the parking lot, you’ll come to another Y. For hikers, this is typically the turnaround point. And it’s definitely the turn-around point for those who want to stick to a flat path. 

If you stay to the left, there are a series of rarely traveled switch-back trails that have been created in the woods. These are not marked and are relatively short in length and gain. 

Trail Notes

  • Open Seasonally (Closed October – April 15)
  • No parking pass required
  • Dogs are welcome
  • Pit toilet available in the parking lot
  • No clean, fresh drinking water on site

Getting to Taylor Mountain

Taylor Mountain is located on the south side of Hwy 18, right where Issaquah-Hobart Rd. SE changes to 276th Ave SE. Depending on the time of day, the fastest route to Taylor Mountain from Seattle will take you through downtown Issaquah, along Issaquah-Hobart and directly to the parking lot.

However, Issaquah-Hobart can be very congested during peak travel times. To avoid the two-lane road crawl, you can take I-90 to Hwy. 18 and get off at Issaquah-Hobart. The exit drops you off on the north side of the Hwy, 18. From there, it’s just a quick left hand durn under the highway to the parking lot.

Hobart, Washington

Nestled in the foothills, Hobart, Washington is tucked between Maple Valley and Issaquah. The tiny town is mostly farmland. A small gas station mini-mart (the Hobart Food Market) serves as its hub — in large part due to the fact that the town’s Post Office is located inside.

There’s an unmanned firehouse that sits next to a small community softball field (Johnny Lazor Hobart Field). Though signage is minimal, Hobart is also home to one of the cutest nurseries (Hobart Farms Nursery). 

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