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I remember the summer before I started my business — before I had a husband and a house and a 100-pound fur baby to care for. I spent that summer stumbling upon new restaurants and looking for the perfect Seattle sunsets.

The experience treated me to some pretty epic tacos and breathtaking views. But I also found myself on more than one occasion wishing someone had saved me from the sub-par burger I called dinner. When you go it alone, you win some and you lose some.

Since I’ve started ‘adulting’ — as I like to call the 9-5 grind — I have less patience for subpar anything. I want all of my adventures to be wins (or at least most of them).

After all, when I get the time to go out and explore, I don’t want to waste it, or my appetite, on a dud. I want thrilling experiences, epic hikes, and foodgasmic-worthy dishes. I want the best — especially during the Pacific Northwest’s short summer. We only get a few quality months of long days and warm nights, so I plan to make the most of them.

That’s why I’m so thrilled about this 2019 Summer issue. It’s LOADED with fabulous tips from folks in the know. Because if experience has taught me anything about visiting a new destination it’s this: go where the locals go.

explore:nw summer 2019

That’s how you experience the true character of a place, the good stuff that makes folks call it home. And that’s exactly what you’ll find in my article Vancouver BC Know-How. It features tips about the best hikes, cafes, shops, and more from some of Vancouver’s top influencers — a surefire way to avoid any duds.

Or let Lisette Wolter-McKinley do the trial and error for you in her fabulous piece, Car-Free & Adventure Loaded in Vancouver. I particularly like this piece because it highlights how to explore Vancouver on foot and by public transit — a huge advantage when you arrive via seaplane!

Get the inside scoop on how to plan for a leisurely boat trip with an epic dinner from Sara Satterlee. The peanut noodle salad is so good it might become a staple in your house, like it has in mine. And for those who wonder just what visiting a fishing lodge is all about, you’ll get all your answers covered in Terry W. Sheely’s insider look at upscale B.C. fishing destinations.

Discover where to find the best locally crafted and island-grown goodies on San Juan Island, stunning Victoria sunsets and rave-worthy Seattle happy hours.

Sure, you might also want to go exploring on your own. There’s something undeniably appealing about trying the bustling taco stand or crowded gastropub you’ve never heard of. Just be sure to keep this list of recommendations close at hand, in case you want a sure thing. And if you happen to discover a rave-worthy spot, be a good sport and send it my way. I’m a sucker for fabulous insider tips!

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