Mikaela and Penellope in a Tutu

Gifts to Make a New Mom Feel Loved

You grow this baby and the entire time people open doors, carry bags, and insist you cut to the front of the bathroom line. Then you pop the sucker out and suddenly everyone’s focused on those 10 tiny toes and perfect little nose.

Your house turns into a minefield of baby play gyms and burp cloths. People roll their eyes when they see you walk in with a loaded car seat. And all the while, you’re just re-hiking your maternity pants.

Practical Baby Necessities

Practical Baby Necessities for Your Fourth Trimester

First, it’s essential to note that EVERY BABY IS DIFFERENT. And, every household is different. What worked for us might not work for you or the parents across the street or for me if we have a second kid.

Frankly, some of the things that didn’t make it on my list of practical baby necessities were touted by friends I really trust as absolute ‘must-haves.’ 

Second, deciding what your baby really needs is tough and mentally exhausting. Cut yourself some slack. The onesies and diaper pail you end up getting is not career-ending. If you feed them, change their diaper, and manage to not claw your own eyes out, you’re doing great! 

Mikaela on stairs

Makeup Tips for the 30-Something Who Knows Nothing About Makeup

I’m a 30-something woman who spends the majority of her time wearing grey sweats and a messy bun. Truth be told, I don’t know a ton about makeup. And before last year, I knew even less.

But when I decided to start tackling things I’d always wanted to do, but intimidated me like whoa, makeup was up there on that list. Through trial, error, and guidance from a very talented makeup artist, I’ve accumulated an affordable makeup collection ideal for the woman who knows nothing about makeup.