Seattle’s Sawyer Featured in GRN Tea

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Throughout most of grad school I worked five to six jobs at any given time. And like many students, they were pretty untraditional.

I was a dog walker and a personal shopper. I house sat and worked events staff for the Saint Mary’s Athletic Department. I hawked grills (rather unsuccessfully) at a local home goods store, wrote sports recaps in a tiny newspaper, and for six — pretty terrible months — worked the graveyard shift for 24 Hour Fitness.

And I did all of those off-the-wall jobs because I wanted to go to culinary school.

bao at sawyer
Steamed buns loaded with thickly sliced pork belly at Sawyer Seattle

I didn’t end up going. Not because I don’t love to cook. I do. I didn’t go because ultimately it seemed silly to drop my life savings on an education designed for cooking in a professional kitchen when I had no plans to work in a professional kitchen.

dinner at sawyer
Dungeness crab roll

What I really wanted was to write about food. Hindsight 20-20, culinary school would have been pretty neat in some regards. But, I probably wouldn’t be the business owner — or writer — I am today.

poke bowl at sawyer
Poke Bowl at Sawyer Seattle

Nor would I have likely met Jason Hicks playing pick-up at LA Fitness. Jason’s a fabulous guy, with a quick wit and a jumper that’ll make you green with envy. He’s also an incredible go-getter — recently founding GRN Tea with two other Seattle-based gents.

salad at sawyer
House made udon noodles

I’m incredibly honored to have a piece included in the third issue featuring James Beard Nominated Sawyer — where an anything-goes menu features inspiring comfort food crafted by Chef Mitch Mayers.

artichokes at sawyer
Grilled Artichokes

Check out the magazine and my article (which is on page 10)! And, when you go visit Sawyer, or if you’ve already been, let me know what you think. I was blown away by the fabulous meal and can’t wait to go back and try the rest of the menu!

dessert at sawyer
Cuatro leches cake at Sawyer in Seattle
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