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Why Did I Sign up for the Amazon Associates Program?

Lately, I’ve found myself slipping books off the shelf, ones I haven’t opened in years. I thumb through the pages. I read a sentence here or there.

It’s wildly impractical and totally indulgent, if I’m telling the truth. For many, this forced “staycation” has meant picking up new hobbies and tackling abandoned projects. For me, it’s meant more time juggling Pepper while typing one-handed. I really shouldn’t be wasting time on books.

And yet, there’s a comfort in feeling paper between my fingers. The weight of the spine. The smell of it aging. The practice grounds me in a way I need right now.

We’ve had so many highs and lows right now. COVID-19. Craziness with our mortgage company. A computer virus that resulted in needing to do a full wipe of my systems. Introducing solids to Pepper. Navigating two work-from-home offices.

In the last few weeks, I’ve also received some perplexed messages about why there are disclosures at the end of some of my posts. What is it all about? What am I trying to sell? Did I join some hidden pyramid scheme?

No one’s actually asked the last one, but I figured enough people have asked that I should share.

Not too long ago I signed up for the Amazon Associates program. It allows me to share links to products on Amazon that can be tracked back to me personally. Meaning, if you click one of my links and purchase that product or any other product during that shopping window, I receive a small commission.

This doesn’t cost you anything. You’re not paying an inflated Amazon price. I just get a small commission for referring you to Amazon.

Does this mean I’m just recommending products for the commission?

No. Definitely not. I’ve chuckled every time someone has asked me that. In the last few months I’ve actually been asked to recommend several products and made the decision to decline the compensation because they weren’t things I knew about or believed in.

The things I’ve recommended are items I have and actively use. (Or did use. Pepper’s growing SO fast!)

Yes, clicking on those links can help me?

Yes. Clicking affiliate links can help me. If you access Amazon through one of my links, I could earn a commission on anything you purchase during that shopping session. But more than anything, your continued support through reading and sharing my content is what means the world. This space isn’t about turning a big buck. It’s really about sharing and continuing to give back. It’s about happiness.

And goodness, couldn’t we all do with a little more happiness in our lives — especially right now?

If you have any additional questions, comments or concerns about the affiliate links, please send them my way. I’d love to address them. I’m beyond grateful for this community and I always want to put you first.

On a different note — for anyone who’s looking to workout at home with a babe – stay tuned. There’s some good stuff coming.