Tacos Chuckis

Tacos Chukis in Seattle


Truly affordable tacos are the ultimate in South Lake Union lunch fare.

But really, all I needed to say was tacos. Because in my book, if you need a reason to check out any restaurant, there’s no better one than tacos. Tacos are like the Hellen Keller card in Cards Against Humanity. They just win. Any time of day. By default. Tacos win.

Especially when said tacos are cheap and dolloped with house-made avocado salsa.

Add a story to this mix and you have this girl swooning over a retail establishment like it was her first kiss. Because really, I’m a sucker for any story. (Like first loves, the quest for the perfect scotch egg or the time you marched down the street in your birthday suit carrying nothing but a red balloon.)

Pork tacos at Tacos Chuckis in Seattle

Make that story about riding a bicycle to your family in Mexico while dreaming about bringing authentic Mexican tacos to the Seattle area and you’ll get me to walk any number of city blocks for your handheld, meat-filled treat.

I’m particularly inclined to walk if said blocks are a total of two from one of my favorite client’s Lake Union terminal.

And…if said taco is only $2.20…well cover me in flannel, ply me with sunshine, and let me twirl on the sidewalk outside your door.

Now, onto the serious side of things. Tacos Chukís began in a hole in the wall on Capitol Hill. The idea for the restaurant was legitimately developed by an unemployed University of Washington college grad while riding his bicycle from Seattle to Tijuana.

The menu isn’t extensive. It’s a range of what you’d find at a typical taco truck. The price points match, which is particularly impressive seeing as the South Lake Union digs are a far cry from the nondescript, second-story origins.

The torta was good and will definitely fill you up. The quesadilla was a quesadilla. But the tacos were the real deal.

If I were you, I wouldn’t mess around with the chicken or the beef. I’d just go straight for the pork – succulent slices of rotisserie-cooked pork topped with a bright wedge of pineapple. Seriously. The pork. The pork tacos. Go for the pork tacos. You’re welcome.

I was also quite partial to the baby burrito ($3.65), filled with said pork (obviously) and a healthy amount of avocado salsa. It’s ideal for eating while walking on the street to your flag football game at Memorial Stadium.

pssss….I shared a few more of my favorite South Lake Union lunch spots over on the Kenmore Air blog today, including Homegrown, Lunchbox Laboratory, and Mamnoon Street!

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