Brisket sandwich at SLAB Sandwich in Seattle

Saturday Steals: Slab Sandwiches + Pie


Don’t come expecting a place to sit. There may be four bar stools, but there’s only enough room at the small counter for two people to plunk down their elbows and dig in. Which, is exactly what you’re going to want to do when you get your mitts on one of these slab sandwiches.

An off-shoot of Lark, this lunch-only deli counter is tucked into the back of the restaurant. Past the espresso machine and bustling waitstaff, you can get a peak-a-boo view of Lark’s graceful dining room. Don’t worry. Lunch will not be graceful. In fact, I recommend extra napkins. 

The brisket sandwich ($11) arrives slathered in smoked mayo and stuffed with a hearty portion of tender meat. This marbled cut has been smoked for 12 hours, resulting in a juicy bite. It comes topped with grilled romaine and pickled jalapeños.

SLAB Sandwiches

The brisket is a large sandwich – large enough you might consider sharing. Why? If for no other reason than it will leave you enough room to order the open-faced avocado toast ($7). Served on Farro bread, it arrives topped with lightly smashed avocado, tomato ginger jam and arugula.

And then there’s the Cubano, a pork confit, jamon, grilled scallion aioli and smoked pickle masterpiece ($10); the Slab Meat Pie, a beef short rib monstrosity packed with caramelized onions ($9); and the Spanish Sardine Sandwich, a salty treat accented by piperade, lemon and arugula ($9).

SLAB Sandwiches

In short, you probably should eat lunch here day after day. And, you should save room for dessert. Because if the sandwiches weren’t enough to send you into a food coma of I-don’t-even-care, watch-me-rub-my-food-baby-belly, the warmed-up chocolate and smoked marshmallow slab definitely will be ($6).


Slab Sandwiches + Pie
1201 10th Ave.
Seattle, WA 98122



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