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Saturday Steals – The Marshall Store

Saturday Steals evolved while I was living in California and stretching cents into dollars. My good friend, Jujus, and I hunted for Happy Hours, special event prices, and inexpensive restaurants. Now that I am living up north, not much has changed. She and I are still looking for ways to get the biggest bang for our buck. We’re just in different cities.

Here we’ll share our incredible finds. Let you in on our favorite cheap eats. Show you a taste of our cities as we explore them with our friends and each other.

The only appropriate way to start Saturday Steals is with an excursion Jujus and I took together. It was a mini-vacation to the northern California coast. We cruised along Highway 101 to Highway 1. Recommendation: have a large collection of singing music and a working stereo.

Most of the drive is a two-lane road. It winds past marshes, through forests, and stretches up and over brown desert hills. Reaching the coast, the narrow highway follows along high cliffs, which drop into ocean waves. The views can be breathtaking, so be careful and keep your eyes on the road.

It takes a while, but the cliffs grow shorter, the water closer, and the salt begins to hang in the air. You’ll drive through small towns. They’ll probably excite you and your growling stomach. Turn up the music and keep going. You’ll thank me.

When you think you must be lost, think you must have passed it, keep going. Finally, you’ll see The Marshall Store. The old building straddles the strip of land separating you from the ocean and hangs over the water. It might as well join the boats buoyed near by. There are dozens of smiling, laughing people who pack the seats, deck, and street seating.

We shared a dozen oysters and a crab salad. Half the oysters were Rockefeller and half BBQ. Were both amazing? Yes. Both types were cooked in their shells. They were grilled just long enough to warm the oyster all the way through, but quick enough to leave them smooth, tender, and rich. Was one type better? Definitely. The Rockefellers were packed with buttery, cheesy, herbal goodness. Eating them was like bathing my mouth in an ocean meant for God.

Also of note are the small beaches on your way there. I recommend wearing sandals. You will definitely want to walk barefoot across the sand into the water.

One-Dozen Oysters & a Crab Salad: $31.00 plus a tank of gas.

Fabulous mini-vacation on a budget. Don’t forget your camera. You’ll want to capture this one.

7 Replies to “Saturday Steals – The Marshall Store”

  1. I read this while sipping coffee still in my jammies, and I could still go for a plate of Oysters! Great picture. I definitely appreciate posts like this, since I am still getting to know Northern CA, and have many road trips in my future for this area.

  2. What a great idea for a series! Look forward to reading about what you find. We’ll be in the Seattle area in May or June so I’m vested in this project now. ; )
    Your photos make me miss the Pacific Coast so-o-o much… thanks for the “cheap trip” back!

  3. Thank you! There might be some rain in May, but by June it should start clearing up. Yay Seattle visits. It’s the most beautiful place on earth when all the mountains are out. Have you seen the troll under the bridge in Fremont? If you haven’t let me know and I’ll send you directions before you get here. It’s one of my favorite things.

    By the way – It sounds like your family is still in Japan from your about me section. I have no words for what you must be feeling. You and your family are in my prayers.

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