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SPAM sliders. Yes, you read that right. SPAM – good old, last forever, straight from a can, SPAM. You might hesitate at the thought of mystery meat topped with tangy slaw. Don’t worry. After your first bite, your hesitation will disappear as quickly as your sliders.

Marination, the self-proclaimed “sauciest food truck in America,” fuses Korean and Hawaiian flavors into tacos and sliders. You might think this blue truck, frequently parked across the street from Safeco Field, is somehow associated with the Mariners. You would be wrong. I was. Its name isn’t derived from a deep love of all things moose and baseball. It’s a success story of two friends who turned their love of marinating meat into a thriving business.

Tacos are stuffed with your choice of meat and topped with the same crunchy slaw as their sliders. The miso ginger chicken has good flavor and the spicy pork packs a punch, but I’d opt for Kalbi. These tender short ribs are a mouthful of garlic citrus cow you won’t find everywhere. Tofu is also available for the veggie-loving crowd.

marination slider

SPAM can also be found making a guest appearance in the form of sushi – grilled SPAM and sticky rice are wrapped in a seaweed blanket. This is not your typical, heart healthy sushi. But, skip the soy sauce, there’s plenty of salty-goodness in the grilled “meat.”

Reminiscent of a Hawaiian plate lunch, the Kimchi fried rice bowl, comes topped with a fried egg. They claim the Rice Bowl is a chopstick friendly dish, but with all that yolk running around, I beg to differ. Get in there with a fork, better yet a spoon, and get every last bite.

Though prices are considerably more expensive than when the truck made its first debut, they aren’t staggeringly offensive. The best bang for your hungry belly are the sliders.

Current Truck Locations
Monday: South Lake Union – 309 Pontius Ave N, Seattle
Tuesday: Belltown – 2500 1st Ave
Wednesday: Fremont – 160 NW Canal St
Thursday: Starbucks SODO – 2401 Utah Avenue South
Friday: SODO – Edgar Martinez Dr S & Occidental Ave S
Saturday: West Seattle – 35th Ave SW & SW Graham St

For the latest information on the location of their truck, vist their website or follow them on twitter account @curb_cuisine.

As of April they also have a storefront, which they fondly call the Marination Station. It is open seven days a week and located at 1412 Harvard Avenue, Seattle, WA 98122

Tacos: $2.25
Sliders: $2.25
Kimchi fried rice bowl: $5.50 (add meat or tofu for $1.50)

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  1. Alex – I’m so glad you loved them too. I definitely had my nose turned up a little before I tried them. Thank goodness I gave them a shot!

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