toddler brushing her teeth

My Toddler Loves to Brush Her Teeth. Here’s How.

For the parent of a toddler brushing teeth can be a labor of love. Just like most kids hate having their faces washed, they often despise brushing their teeth. And if you’ve ever spent time with a toddler, you know that they can be STUBBORN.

At 18-months old, our baby girl loves to brush her teeth and have her teeth brushed. The following are the tools and steps we took. I hope they help.

Hiking with Pepper

Help Me Fight Sex Trafficking

Seeing my daughter blossom, her personality grow — her understanding of the world around her expand — fills me with so much hope and passion for the furniture.

It also fills me with immense sadness for those who lack that freedom. For the women and children who are considered property. Which is why I’m hiking with Rescue:Freedom in an effort to raise funds and awareness for an amazing non-profit on a mission to end slavery.