Mel and Jed. So much love

Melanie & Jed

Engagement Shoot at Green River GorgeMel and Jed. So much love

Mel and Jed on the steps

Mel and Jed

Mel and Jed Green River Gorge Engagement Shoot

Mel and Jed

Mel and Jed-19

Blurring the lines between a double-date and an engagement session, my husband and I joined Melanie and Jed for an adventure at the Green River Gorger.

There was a little fence-climbing and daisy-picking. There was some water-navigating and hill-trekking. We stood in fields and riverbeds. We laughed and talked and walked.

It was oh, so good.

It’s only recently Garrett (my husband) and I have really started getting to know Mel and Jed. (Clearly, as I’m still trying to decide if I want to call her Mel or Melanie!) But I was struck by their passion for life. They’re an up-for-anything kind of couple who like to savor moments – especially food, cocktails, and incredible views. (Thus, why we get along so well.)

College sweethearts, both Jed and Mel are amazing artists. Their home is an eclectic collection of beautiful antiques and reclaimed pieces. The walls showcase some of Mel’s own work and Jed’s beer collection. It’s the kind of space that mirrors their warm hearts – clean, clear, and welcoming.

Prolific gardeners, they grow all kinds of edibles. And, Mel makes her own bread! (She gave me some sourdough starter. We’ll see how that goes…)

Working with them was amazing. Quick to smile and easy to chat with, they’re the kind of couple who can turn any moment into a good time – the kind who relish the love they share.

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