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Love in a Cup

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In the four years we dated and five years we’ve now been married, we’ve never spent this much time together — until now.

I used to tell people we got along better the more we were apart.

Back then, it was probably true. We both needed our space to grow, pursue — push. Time apart gave us the freedom to do that, to push and push and push throughout the day and then crash back together. Minds tired. Bodies exhausted. Souls ready to decompress.

I was so used to our independent rhythm I wasn’t sure what a prolonged time together would look like. Fighting? Grumbling? Growing irritation?

It’s not that we dislike one another. It just never occurred to me that being sequestered would be good for our relationship.

I told Garrett that a few weeks ago. He laughed. “I knew we’d be great,” he said.

And we have been. We’ve had our squabbles…who doesn’t?!?! But, we’ve also found our rhythm.

Photo by Jessie B. Photography

A slower pace filled with mid-day hugs and baby giggles and morning cups of coffee that make me swoon. I mean really, is there anything quite as sexy as a sleepy-eyed man making you a cup of coffee?

It gets me. Every. Damn. Time.

There are a variety of ways to make a good cup of coffee. Garrett makes a mean French Press. We have a fabulous Nespresso machine. But lately, he’s been all about the Chemex Pour-Over.

We inherited ours from Gran and Gramps a few years back. It’s this elegant, glass carafe that just looks so darn pretty. It’s the perfect start to the day, watching him delicately pour water over the grounds, steam rising into his face.

Times may be crazy at the moment. But my cup is full of love.

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