Egg Cups Piquant

These eggs baked in a mayonnaise and cheese sauce are an ultra-luscious breakfast best served on a day when you have time for a nap. If you want to jump to the yolk-filled goodness, just click here.

Egg Cups Piquant

Hello from Tucson friends!! We’re here, tucked in the Catalina Foothills, eating all the tacos and taking the city’s margaritas on a test drive. 

Originally, the first leg of the journey was supposed to be businessy, filled with interviews and site visits. But one thing led to another and suddenly we’re footloose and fancy-free in this little desert city. Which means…drives through the mountains, walks through caves, and all the cuddles!!!

Have you ever noticed that you date, get married and suddenly the business of living gets you so carried away with to-do list checking and business running it seems you are both ships crossing in the night?

Egg Cups Piquant for Breakfast

Tucson isn’t the fanciest of destinations. (We’ve seen our fair share of bars on windows and closed restaurants.) Nor is it packing quite as much heat as we originally anticipated. (Which is probably best, because even at 80 Garrett managed to get sunburned!)

But it’s been filled with good food. Really good food in fact. (I promise to share my rundown of our favorite eats next week…including handmade tortillas and a BBQ joint with crazy tender meat!!)

I got to meet a friend with whom I’d only ever talked. (So wonderful to actually connect Stephanie!!)

We’ve lounged by the pool. I may or may not have eaten almost an entire bag of white cheddar popcorn by myself…and this morning we went on an 8+ mile hike.

Making Egg Cups Piquant

So before we head to dinner, I really should tell y’all about Egg Cups Piquant because this is one of those recipes everyone needs. It’s not going to help you fit in your bathing suit or get breakfast on the table in a jiffy.  It’s actually quite a bit more time intensive than all of that.

But it’s luscious. Oh. So. Luscious. And it’s mayonnaise. And salty. And did I mention it’s luscious? There are egg yolk and cheese and some crumbled bacon. Gran and Gramps spoiled us with it the last couple times we visited them in Boise. We’ve been spoiled by quite a few of Gran and Gramps’ recipes. Like chocolate pie, fig cookies, and gimlets.

Many of them, like Egg Cups Piquant, are Judd staples. Recipes the family has been enjoying for years. They’re like a sliver of tasty heritage. And I just love it.

So with no further ado…

Egg Cups Piquant

From Alexander Homestead Bed & Breakfast Inn, as passed on by Gran & Gramps

This dish is your own bowl of mayonnaisey, cheesy, eggy goodness. You’ll want to make sure you serve this with some crusty bread and maybe some sausage for sopping it all up! It’s also worth noting, Gramps often uses a heavy hand with the cheese. (It’s a Judd thing. Just ask Garrett…his motto is, ‘You can never have too much cheese.’)

2/3 cup mayonnaise
1 tsp Worcestershire
Dash of salt and pepper
1 cup of milk
1 cup shredded cheddar cheese
8 eggs

In small saucepan combine mayonnaise, Worcestershire, salt and pepper. Add milk gradually, stirring till smooth. Add cheese and cook over low heat, stirring constantly until cheese has melted and mixture is thick and smooth, about 5 minutes.

Put two heaping tablespoons in the bottom of 4 baking (oval) cups. Break two eggs into each cup. Place in shallow pan; pour hot water into the pan to a depth of 1 inch. Bake in slow oven 325 degrees about 25 minutes.


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