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Diabetic Life Hacks for a New Dad: Darigold FIT

Thank you so much to Darigold for sponsoring this post and also for just being an amazing local business that supports farmers and feeds our community. All opinions and recommendations within this post are mine. I was not influenced or asked to share them.

Post Updated October 30, 2020

Darigold Fit Organic 2% Milk for Sale at Costco!

Organic 2% Darigold FIT Milk

And the good news just keeps on rolling! Darigold upped their game yet again — coming in strong with organic FIT 2%! Certified by Oregon Tilth, it features the same lower-sugar, higher-protein advantages of the classic FIT milk with the added benefit of being organic.

Why Does ‘Organic’ Matter?

According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, “Organic producers rely on natural substances and physical, mechanical, or biologically based farming methods to the fullest extent possible.”

Does that mean the rest of Darigold’s products aren’t safe? Nope! No Darigold products come from cows treated with rbST (bovine growth hormone). The certification awarded by Oregon Tilth, a highly-respected organic certification and sustainable agricultural organization, indicates an extensive level of review and inspection. 

Where Can You Find Organic FIT 2%?

It’s currently available in select Washington and Oregon Costcos. Follow this link and click “Find this in a store near you” to find your closest Costco.

My Favorite Costcos Carrying Organic 2% FIT 

  • Issaquah (1801 10th Ave NW)
  • Kirkland (8629 120th Avenue NE)
  • Redmond (7725 – 188th Ave NE)
Pepper holding Darigold FIT Organic 2%

Pepper holding Darigold FIT Organic 2%

Someday. Pepper’s not quite ready for milk. Additionally, when we first introduce milk, it will need to be the full-tilt whole milk to help her get as many calories as possible.

The girl is growing like a weed. She’s not even one-year-old, and she’s wearing 3T!!!

But eventually, I definitely plan on making all the things with her using Darigold FIT — like homemade ice cream!

Darigold FIT Milk Supports Type 1 Diabetes

Now that Pepper’s here, one of the questions I’m asked most often is, ‘How are you doing it all?’ The answer is, I’m not. 

If anyone has mastered the art of cooking, cleaning, baby-rearing, AND running a business on their own – kudos you unicorn. Share your magic. The rest of us everyday new-parent folk are just trying to keep our heads above water — one life hack at a time. 

In our house, finding easy ways to increase our protein and decrease our sugar (without sacrificing flavor) has been essential. My husband Garrett is a type 1 diabetic. 

Unlike people with type 2 diabetes who can manage their diabetes with diet, Garrett is insulin-dependent. His pancreas produces little to no insulin, a hormone that allows the body to turn sugar into energy. 

Why the Time Constraints of Fatherhood make Protein Essential

All things considered, Garrett’s extremely healthy. When we first met, he was so physically active he was actually able to reduce his insulin dependence. Back then, he was a full-time mechanic. His days were spent lifting engine blocks and turning wrenches before hitting the gym. 

Fast-forward a college degree, high-tech job, mortgage, and baby. The ultra-active lifestyle he once led has become a ‘tad’ slower. Especially with the time commitments of being a new dad, we’ve had to find new and creative ways to help him regulate his blog sugar. 

As the wife of a type 1 diabetic, making strategic diet choices has been essential. While a continuous glucose monitor can help him track his levels, it doesn’t control his levels. Filling our pantry and fridge with items that offer a high protein per serving and low sugar per serving – like Darigold FIT — gives Garrett more control over his blood glucose.

Smarter Protein Shakes with Darigold FIT

Darigold FIT is filtered milk that delivers 75% more protein and 40% less sugar than its unfiltered sister. As another bonus, the filtration process makes this milk lactose-free. So for those who are lactose intolerant or lactose sensitive and have been missing milk — now you can have it again!

Garrett has been an avid weightlifter since I met him. Back in the early days, he was focused on ‘getting ripped.’ I think most fellas are in their 20s. But as we’ve gotten older, lifting has taken on a new importance. 

People with diabetes can develop scar tissue in the zones where they frequently inject insulin. It’s an occurrence often referred to as ‘insulin’ belly because the belly is the most common place to inject insulin. This scar tissue causes the body to absorb insulin in unpredictable ways, making it exponentially more challenging to manage your blood sugar. Weight lifting helps break up that scar tissue, as new muscle is built.

One of the things any weightlifter will tell you they need to build muscle successfully is a high-protein diet. While lean protein (chicken, flank steak, and fish) is generally the name of the game, most folks can’t consume the necessary amount in food alone. 

Protein shakes are frequently the go-to solution — offering high levels of nutrients in a smaller package. While protein powder can certainly be mixed with water, it tastes exponentially better when mixed with milk. The problem for Garrett was, regular milk was spiking his sugar. 

(And, can we hold the phone for a second. Am I the only one who never considered that there’s sugar in milk? Before Garrett, milk was just milk.)

While there’s still some sugar in Darigold FIT, it’s so much less. This makes it the perfect solution for mixing with protein powder.

Life with Diabetes Can Still Taste Great

I think one of the biggest misnomers about diabetes is that you have to give up all the good stuff. Sure, thinking about testing strips and blood sugar levels isn’t all roses and sunshine. There are times when Garrett tailors his food choices based on his blood sugar levels. For instance, he may skip the artisan bread basket, say no to gourmet pizza or pass on dessert. 

But thanks to the incredible, scientific development of options like Darigold FIT, making the best choice for his health doesn’t always mean skipping what he wants. Nor does it mean sacrificing flavor. 

Because high protein filtered milk delivers great taste with less sugar,  Garrett has more choices. It’s easier to manage a cookie when he’s already cut sugar from somewhere else. And for our house, that’s a huge win. 

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