Mikaela Judd with Side Hustle Doughnuts

9 Reasons Side Hustle Doughnuts are the Best Doughnuts in Seattle

Don’t just dream about Side Hustle Doughnuts. Don’t just think you’ll visit someday. Set your alarm. Get yourself out of bed. And get yourself down to Georgetown. You won’t be disappointed. In my humble opinion, these are the best doughnuts in Seattle.

I’ve dreamt about Side Hustle Doughnuts since their glorious doughnut-filled egg cartons popped up on my Instagram feed more than seven months ago. While I worried that such obsession would lead to an inevitable letdown, I took the risk anyway.

Operated out of Lowercase Brewing, this pop-up doughnut shop is only open Saturday and Sunday. And while it’s a true side hustle — the doughnuts are far from an “afterthought.” They are absolutely delightful.

The doughnut side of the business was started by Molly Crane, girlfriend of Lowercase owner Chris Smith.

Get some Side Hustle Doughnuts right now because…

1. Great Texture

These little beauties are made from coarse flour from the spent grain of the shop’s big poppa — Lowercase Brewing. The resulting texture is toothsome enough it doesn’t just dissolve in your mouth, while offering a lightness that keeps you from wishing there was a couch nearby.

2. Fab Flavors

If a jam-filled is your go-to then Side Hustle’s probably not your cup of tea. But assuming you can get behind some raspberry or chocolate cream, these morning treats are sure to satisfy.

3. Perfect Potion Size

These aren’t monstrous doughnuts the size of your head that you’ll need to share with a friend. They’re more on the dainty side of things — two, three (maybe four) bites. But that’s perfect, as it gives you stomach space to sample more than one flavor. And, it lets you do so without feeling guilty.

4. Plenty of Parking

Let’s be real — parking in Seattle is a PAIN! While the argument can be made that you should take public transit, walk or bike — that’s not always the most practical thing. Luckily, Side Hustle Doughnuts’ Georgetown home offers a spacious parking lot.

5. They’re Just $1!

Sure, hot spots like Seattle’s renowned General Porpoise chain offer similar brioche-style doughnuts. But they’ll cost you nearly $5 a pop! Side Hustle’s slinging their tasty treats for just $1 — which is the kind of price I can get behind.

6. General Vibe

Popular spots have a knack for bringing out the worst in folks. Maybe it’s the long lines or the likelihood that they’ll sell out. But more than once I’ve found myself stuck among an elbow-jostling, scowling crowd only to meet an equally deflated server just trying to get through the day. Side Hustle was not like this. Patrons made friendly chit-chat. Nearby tables laughed with glee. And the staff was visibly enjoying themselves as they quite literally hustled behind the counter boxing up doughnuts and pouring cold brews.

7. Fun Presentation

As I said before, I’d been salivating over these all thanks to Instagram. Served in cardboard egg cartons, they almost look too good to eat. Almost!

8. Eco-Friendly

Even a brewery that works really hard to be eco-friendly deals with some inevitable leftover waste. One of the beauties of Side Hustle Doughnuts is that it’s found a great way to use some of that waste — turning the spent grain into doughnuts!

9. Great Coffee

From this coffee-lover’s perspective, no doughnut shop would be complete without a cup of Joe. And Side Hustle’s got that covered too. They’re pouring local cold brew from Pier Coffee into rustic-chic mason jars. You can get it straight up or “horchata” style.